This book is a must-have for any high school junior and senior with intentions of applying to their dream colleges. Mr. Joshua Platt is a first-class SAT/ACT Test Prep guru as well as a dynamic College Consultant. Mr. Platt has helped students get accepted to elite universities stretching from the most competitive East Coast elite Ivy League schools clear across the US to such California powerhouses as Stanford and Cal Berkeley and every Top 25 institution in between. This text not only provides firsthand practical knowledge and tools, but its user-friendly arrangement makes it a go-to resource for navigating the treacherous waters that are the college application process. Chiofalo and Platt have put together an essential resource to help families with this process.
     -Dr. Scott Carlin of Dr. Carlin’s Test Prep and College Consulting serving Michigan and Indiana



I’ve been providing tutoring to college-bound students for over 10 years. This book has made my life so much easier by providing a blue print for a step-by-step, quality process to guide these students through the college application process. I highly recommend this book to anyone either applying themselves or assisting in the college application process. Forget those pricey national college prep companies – this is the book to count on for application advice and direction. I highly recommend that you purchase Kicking Apps and Making Names by Joshua Platt and Jacob Chiofalo. You will be thankful that you did!
     -Joel Sachar Private Test Prep provider serving Greater Boston



My son took Mr. Platt’s College Application Boot Camp this summer and this book was used as a guide. This book was very well written with example essays, etc. It gives step by step instructions, tips and hints to guide students and families through all aspects of the college application process. My son is feeling more confident about the college application and essay process and will refer back to this book as needed. We will also utilize this book with our younger daughter as it gives tips that you can start utilizing as early as 9th grade.
     -Mrs. Gracia parent of student in SAT prep and college application programs



Kicking Apps and Making Names is the best! Mr. Platt and Mr. Chiofalo assembled a guide book that allowed me to compete in the extremely competitive college application pools of the schools I applied to. Through this resource, they made the college application process simpler and less stressful for me. The workbook is packed with their combined experience and know-how and presents so many useful tips I don’t know how I would have completed my apps without it. With the help of Mr. Platt and Ace It, I was admitted into my dream school. I would recommend this book to anyone who is preparing to go through the college application process!
     -Austin student at Duke University



I worked with Mr. Platt and the framework from Kicking Apps and Making Names for my College Applications and I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done it without them. The experience was invaluable and set me up for an opportunity to attend my dream school, Stanford.
     -Ryan student at Stanford University




I’d recommend Kicking Apps and Making Names to anyone! This book and Mr. Platt helped me tremendously with my college essays. He also walked me through every scholarship application/essay. I can confidently say that I would not have received some of these scholarships if it wasn’t for his assistance. It’s a true investment! I recommend Kicking Apps and Making Names to anyone involved in the college application process or looking to make the most of their high school experience.
     -Dalton student at Cornell University