Kicking Apps and Making Names is a workbook designed to help students and
families understand the complexities of the college admissions process.

In this guide, Platt and Chiofalo demystify the college application process and present students and families with a step by step program for successfully navigating their high school experience and getting accepted by competitive colleges.

Submitting a compelling application to the college of your dreams doesn’t happen overnight. It takes planning and organization, and this book is the perfect guide for that process. Whether you are starting this process as a freshman or jumping into your applications senior year, this book is the resource that you need.

Chapter highlights include: yearly expectations throughout high school, standardized testing advice, informed college selection, essay writing tips and details of the application process itself. Platt and Chiofalo guide you from freshman year through the summer after high school graduation. With a balanced mix of pertinent advice, helpful tips and functional graphic organizers this guide will help students gain confidence, develop a sense of personal responsibility, and ultimately discover who they are through the process.

Whether you are just beginning your high school journey or experiencing some anxiety jumping into the application process senior year, this book is exactly what you need to alleviate your stress and give you the best chance possible of being admitted to the school of your dreams.

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