About Us

After years of helping students through the college application process, Platt and Chiofalo recognized that amongst the many resources that students could access there wasn’t a student friendly workbook available. That realization sparked their collaboration on a workbook-style guide that would help students to Kick Apps and Make a Name for themselves along the way.

Many books written about college admissions focus just on the application itself. While there is an entire section of this book dedicated to that aspect of the process, there is also a large portion dedicated to setting yourself up for success through all four years of high school. In addition, the workbook-style formatting allows students to use the embedded tables to actually plan their strategy. Even the section on essay writing and the accompanying sample essays is focused on helping students with the writing process not just showing them a final product.

Joshua Platt

Joshua Platt is the founder and lead college consultant at Ace It Test Prep, LLC. For over a decade he has run this boutique test prep and college consulting company in east central Florida, helping students from across the southeastern United States navigate the college application landscape. A self-proclaimed idealist, his focus is always on guiding students through the college process by fostering their personal growth and maturation along the way. His former clients attend prestigious colleges and universities around the country.

A graduate of Dartmouth College himself and now an alumni interviewer for the college, Joshua has a personal understanding of the complexity of the application process in general as well as the specific requirements for admissions to elite colleges. A veteran teacher with 17 years of classroom experience he is passionate about science, teaching AP and IB Environmental Science and IB Biology. A winner of Teacher of the Year honors at two different schools and a National Board Certified teacher, Joshua is a proponent of education and views college as the gateway to success for most students. He also works for the IBO, serving as a workshop leader and a site visitor for the organization.

Jacob Chiofalo

Jacob Chiofalo is a high school counselor and a private college consultant. Jacob has helped students and parents from a variety of backgrounds gain admission to their dream colleges, universities, and academies. He has worked in a variety of settings including, private, public, and international schools. Jacob has helped literally hundreds of students and parents through the entire process described in this book, from class selection, to career exploration, and finally college selection and application completion.

While working internationally and observing the vital role that education plays in society, Jacob became an ardent supporter of public education and the value that an advanced education can provide. This belief is what inspired him to participate in writing this book. The impact that the right choices can make on a young person’s life is much too significant to be left to chance.