Included below you will find ancillary resources which are intended to supplement the contents of the workbook itself. As you review them, look back to the workbook for the overall context to understand of how each fits into the bigger picture

Sample Essays:

Included here you will find some more examples of App Kicking essays. Remember that when you read essays, they are never intended to tell you what you should write but rather to give you some ideas about how you should write your essays and what else you can do in high school to add to your story. As you read them, pay attention to the elements that make them strong and why they would stand out to admissions counselors.

Sample Resumes:

These samples are intended to give you a glimpse at format options and contents of some very solid resumes. While there is no single required resume format, the resume will be used in many parts of the application process and making yours stand out is one critical way to set yourself apart.

Samples Coming Soon

Workbook Worksheets:

If you need more worksheets for any of the parts of the workbook email us and we will send you files to use.  Request worksheets